Chapter 23

“Hey, have you seen Sakura lately?” Naruto glanced around their old training grounds, looking for any sign of pink hair peeking out from the scattered tree stumps that stood in the centre of the forest clearing. “I haven’t seen her at all since… you know.” With one month left to go before the start of … Continue reading Chapter 23


Chapter 22

Inside the fortress known as the Village Hidden in the Mist there was an inner sanctum, and within that sanctum stood a throne of cold stone. On that seat of power sat a man called Yagura, whose appearance might be confused for that of a young boy. In truth he was the Eternal Mizukage, whose … Continue reading Chapter 22

Chapter 21

“Naruto, hold the corridor,” Sakura ordered. “Cover our backs while we advance. Sasuke-kun, try to scout ahead, see if you can locate the enemy with your Sharingan before they notice us.” While Sasuke grunted his assent, Naruto closed his eyes and focussed. In his mind’s eye, the dimly-lit corridor stretched out before him, the dusty … Continue reading Chapter 21

Chapter 20

Team Seven stood in silent remembrance. Four graves were arrayed before them, mirroring the four ninjas with almost perfect symmetry. The birds were chirping merrily, the sun shone with not a cloud in the sky and all seemed right in the world once more – yet appearances are oft deceiving, and if the people on … Continue reading Chapter 20

Chapter 18

“Snow?” Tazuna said confusedly. “In this time of year?” Naruto grabbed him by the arm. “C’mon Tazuna-san, we gotta run!” But before he could take another step the snow coalesced into a rectangular sheet of ice that blocked his path, which transformed into an icy mirror, and the mirror became a portal that reflected a … Continue reading Chapter 18

Chapter 17

Zabuza’s water clone arrived at the great stone bridge alone. He had ordered Haku to stay behind just in case Kakashi had planned this meeting specifically to target the boy – Kakashi might well be able to slip away with his team if Zabuza’s teleporting minion perished. Haku was however keeping a careful watch from … Continue reading Chapter 17

Chapter 14

The gaunt and haunted-looking rower slammed the door shut behind Kakashi and the others, fumbling to lock it with key and chain as the team of ninjas all poured into the hallway. Naruto stumbled and fell onto the floor, Sasuke collapsed against the doorpost in an attempt to regain his bearings while Sakura stood back … Continue reading Chapter 14