Chapter 15

It was hard to tell that the village was under attack. There was panicked shouting in the streets and screaming in the distance, but that could have been for any number of reasons. The flames that were spreading to the rooftops at the edge of the village might have been some natural disaster, and the … Continue reading Chapter 15


Chapter 14

The gaunt and haunted-looking rower slammed the door shut behind Kakashi and the others, fumbling to lock it with key and chain as the team of ninjas all poured into the hallway. Naruto stumbled and fell onto the floor, Sasuke collapsed against the doorpost in an attempt to regain his bearings while Sakura stood back … Continue reading Chapter 14

Chapter 13

Hatake Kakashi quietly shifted his headband from his left eye to the right, letting the Sharingan take in the area without interference. Instantly the surrounding forest sprang into life, each living creature highlighted in accordance with the colour of its chakra, while the rest of the world was covered in a crimson sheen. Minute details … Continue reading Chapter 13

Chapter 10

The bridge builder turned out to have arranged transport in the form of a small wooden ayubune that lay waiting for them. After gliding over the dark and misty waters for an indeterminate length of time, the surly looking rower turned to where Tazuna reclined against the edge of the boat, and adjusted his broad-brimmed … Continue reading Chapter 10

Chapter 8

“Remind me again why we’re wasting our time like this?” Naruto found himself agreeing with Uchiha Sasuke again – something which was fast becoming a dangerous trend. Painting some rich merchant’s house did not exactly seem like an especially useful expenditure of their time, especially considering the reason why Naruto needed to become stronger. Contrary … Continue reading Chapter 8

Chapter 7

“He’s late.” Sakura sounded disbelieving, though perhaps not quite as disbelieving as she had been yesterday, or the day before that. The three of them had been waiting on one of the simple wooden bridges spanning the river running through Konoha since six in the morning, having had to crawl from their beds only half-conscious … Continue reading Chapter 7